.The Artist


Condrache is an artist who plays with  life to the fullest and enjoys being present NOW. In his art, the diference between a profesionist and an artist, is always present and shown,sometimes  even obviously. The profesionist dooms the mistake and he tends to avoid it. The Artist,on the other way, accepts the mistake,  discovers and evolves with it and, through this process, it gives it meaning,shape and purpose. The artist looks for chaos and gives meaning to mess, but also gives it calm. The artist is able to find himself in each of his artwork through expression and intuition, all these before of analizing the concept of beauty and the place of his art in the cosmology of Arts.
Condrache manages to place in each of his paintings that special feeling that comes from himself, he carefully inserts onluttle riddle, a trick, just as a magician with a hat with neverending rabbits. The philosophy of spirit is connected with the reality in each piece of art through the pieces of soul which are arranged with order and meaning,  in this way becoming unique parts of the artist mixed with the elements of the painting, created for the audience. If you dare to watch, closer at his paintings, you will discover questions, answers, new perspectives, bold tries, soulfull discoveries and the joy of being. Condrache gives the chance to each of his art-pieces to tell its own story, to show its own spirit  and to present its own ridles. And so, the viewer can see and understand shapes,colours, ideas, feelings, lines and meanings, all in the magic of being present NOW.

Be free…

My art is a bridge to yourself!

In my art I reinvent myself and rediscover myself every day.